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Due to Unforeseen circumstances, we are currently unable to accept any new bookings.

How many rides and venues do you have?

Current for 2019 we have a total of 13 amusement rides incorporating 4 mechanical structured rides,  7 inflatable rides,  4 confectionery venues and a food van.

What experience do the company owners have?

The Operations Manager has an engineering and building trained background and both owners having a history of design and manufacturing of amusement rides plus the additional benefit of being parents themselves.

What has Wonder Fair Amusement’s contribution been to the community?

Since the establishment of Wonder Fair Amusement to date we have donated in excess of $292,403.00 to Queensland schools and community

Do the jumping castles come with a shade or rain cover?

In our tropical weather and for the health and safety of patrons all our jumping castles have a full rain and shade cover.

Do you have Public Liability insurance covering all rides and activities at events?

Absolutely, we have the following liability coverage and certifications;

  1. A.A.I.R Licensed ride operators / supervisors
  2. Insurance for ALL amusement rides
  3. Insurance for ALL confectionery food venues
  4. Local council food permits
  5. Food licence THHBCC11B and THH32902
  6. Work Cover insurance for employees operating on private and public grounds
  7. Work Place Health & Safety Registration for all mechanical structured rides
  8. Work Place Health & Safety Recognition for all inflatable rides
  9. Australia Business Number
  10. Australian Registered Business
  11. All electrical equipment is tested, tagged and current.
  12. Positive Cards (Blue Cards) working with children.
  13. An official ATO recognized taxation receipt for all services including donations and site fees
  14. Onsite Workplace Health & Safety Officer*
  15. Onsite Child Protection Officer*
  16. Onsite Justice of the Peace*
  17. Onsite First Aid officer*

* For all events involving large mechanical rides

What options does Wonder Fair Amusement have for operating at my event?

There are 2 options;

1) “Event to pay a hire fee” which will include unlimited free rides and / or confectionery food to patrons quoted on a per hour basis. (Minimum total tax invoice hire fee of $550.00). For hire budgets under $550.00 we recommend you contact Jumping Jim’s Castle Hire for inflatable jumping castle and slide hire to suit smaller events and budgets.

2) “User payer system” in which each patron is charged per ride and / or confectionery food. E-mail: for more information.

Why is there such a difference in prices from each amusement company?

We can’t speak for our competitors, however we clearly know our equipment is exclusive in northern Queensland. The reason for the hire rate difference will simply be due to dissimilar, smaller, less capacity rides and equipment. Wonder Fair Amusement has recognized the demand for high capacity and / or age capacity rides which requires heavy rigid trucks, cranes and engineer certifications to set up. Therefore, if the hirer of the event requires impressive and high capacity rides, they will be required to meet the cost.

Does Wonder Fair Amusement offer Fireworks displays for my event?

Wonder Fair Amusement has a strong partnership with “A Bright Nite Fireworks” who can provide magnificent, high quality fireworks displays from over 2,500 varieties of fireworks. You can be confident that A Bright Nite Fireworks have the ability to display rapid, technologically advanced fireworks shows & special effects across Australia for all types of events. For more information, please visit their dedicated site at: