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Wonder Fair Amusement’s equipment is designed for BIG events; in fact our equipment is that big it doesn’t even fit in the standard house backyard. It is simply large equipment for large events with large patron capacity requirements.

Lets face it there’s is no point in hiring a ride that can’t handle the numbers, otherwise you risk having disgruntled customers and little future attendance.

Some of our amusement rides are suitable for primary school age patrons and some for adventurous teenagers and adults patrons. Many rides cater for all ages. The Giant Fiberglass Super Slide is an example: it entertains patrons from 2 to 92 years old.   Likewise the Octopus Carousel will take ages 2 to 12 years, however adults can accompany small children on board.

The Teenage Super Fly is a favourite.  Whilst we don’t put toddlers on it, primary-aged children and teenagers just can’t get enough. Lots of adults like the Super Fly too but a few get off looking a bit wobbly!

Jumping Castles have been around for more than 30 years but they STILL represent the most fun. We have inflatable jumping castles, slides, and obstacle courses and some that combine all three! Our Tarzan’s Trek is the Biggest two story Inflatable Combo in Australia,  it measure 2340m3. Children love the bright colours, the jiggle movement, the huge slide and the freedom to jump and play in a big, soft, bouncy house!